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Ministry Moments – Finance

Finance Ministries is responsible for four main items: Property, Investments, Memorials, and Planned Giving.

Property: Finance Ministries oversees the entire church property, including the building, its contents, and the church grounds. It oversees the use of the building and makes suitable rules for its use by the church and outside groups. Finance plans for all repairs and maintenance subject to approval by Parish Council. Another responsibility is the Lights Out Program which ensures that the building is secured every evening. A small, dedicated group of volunteers led by Phil Johnson checks the building every night of the year. New Lights Out volunteers are always welcome. Please contact me if you are interested.

Investments: Finance Ministry works with the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Moderator to review and maintain the portfolio of all church investments, making changes when prudent to do so.

Memorials: Finance Ministries, through the Memorials sub-committee, is responsible for the church’s memorial funds – donations made in memory of people who have passed away. Before these funds are allocated, family members are consulted to be sure the church is using the funds in accordance with the family’s wishes.

Planned Giving: Finance Ministries is also responsible for the church’s Planned Giving and Endowment Funds. The Planned Giving Program encourages people to include the church in their wills, trusts, charitable gift annuities, life insurance, and other assets. Donations received through Planned Giving are placed in the 1720 Founders’ Fund to build up our endowment funds for the church’s future needs. One goal of Finance Ministries is to be more active in publicizing the Planned Giving Program.

Our Current Projects
Building Painting: As you know, we began painting the building in 2015. The Raise the Roof campaign raised more money than was needed to complete the roof project so Parish Council voted to use the excess, along with some very generous donations, to begin painting the church. While most of the building has been painted, there is still more to do. We need to complete painting the area from the parking lot entrance to the chapel entrance and the steeple base.

Restoration of the Sanctuary Windows: We also need to complete the painting and restoration of the nine large Sanctuary windows. Donations to complete this project are much appreciated. We are soliciting donations specifically for the Sanctuary windows – the full cost of each window is $1,250. If you would like to sponsor a window, please let me know. We plan to install commemorative plaques with donors’ names near the sponsored windows.

Work on the Steeple: Verizon Wireless has begun working on the installation of their cell tower in our steeple. On early in July, Verizon Wireless’ team of steeplejacks removed the steeple – Scott Desantis and our custodian, Tony Ramirez, took some great pictures. The steeple will be gone for about a month. When it returns, it will be fully restored, encased in resin, and it will contain the cell transmitters. Verizon Wireless is constructing an equipment room in the rear corner of Richards Hall. Because Verizon Wireless maintains the 911 service for this area, they need to install a back-up generator in our parking lot, near the storage shed. When the installation is complete, Verizon Wireless customers should enjoy better reception in this part of town. The church will receive monthly rental income from Verizon Wireless - $2000/month the first year, and increasing slightly every year thereafter.

Chuck Cotting, Finance Ministries Chair

For more information about operations of the Finance Team, please send us an email