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Ministry Moments – Flower Committee

Oh, the joys of the Flower Committee. I am almost afraid to tell you how much enjoyment one can derive from this ministry. Just don’t plan on an early Sunday lunch.

Here are the nuts and bolts of the Flower Committee. Members, in teams of 2, receive a schedule of Sundays when they will deliver flowers (usually about once every 5-6 weeks) to homebound or invalid folks. A card and Sunday bulletin are delivered with the flowers.

Sounds easy, right? Well it is! Now comes the fun part. When you show up at someone’s door or room with flowers from the Church they just light up. Rarely do folks take the flowers and close the door. Often it leads to sometimes long conversations. They are just so thrilled that we, the Church, remember them and would take the time to come with flowers. This does not just go for those who are mentally aware. Many times we have visited an Alzheimer’s unit to deliver flowers. I have had folks just squeeze my hand and beam when I tell them, usually a few times, we are from the Church. They seem to get it. Sometimes to the surprise of the care providers. Want more? Show up at Brooksby or Sunrise when the intended receiver is at lunch and it’s really big. Having a couple of folks walk into a crowded room with flowers and deliver them, with a flourish of course, and tell these folks, with their friends around them, that the CCC stills loves them and misses them is really special.

Want more stories? Ask a Flower Committee member. I know I have some and I’m sure they do too.

- Dave and Diane Bjorkman

For more information about the Flower Committee, please send us an email