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Ministry Moments – Membership

As you may know, Membership Ministries has several areas of focus. First, Membership welcomes visitors and tries to follow-up to insure people feel welcome when attending.

Hosting coffee hour and providing name tags are also part of our focus. We thank all those who have volunteered to help with these special ways we can connect with each other before and after the service. A special thank you to Kamden Mauser who has been supplying our coffee.

Though our purpose in the church is to worship the Lord together, He also said, “Let us be glad and rejoice” and have fun together, which is the fellowship part of our committee. Some of our events raise money to help support the church and some focus on fellowship, and we have fun working together for a purpose.

Almost everyone here has attended, volunteered or enjoyed one or more of the following events we have organized: Trivia Night/Silent Auction, Night in Bethlehem, various excursions, and of course, feasting on apple pies and lobster rolls.

This time of transition is a time for fresh ideas. It is the perfect opportunity to make your voice heard. We are looking for new members to build our Membership team. Maybe signing on to a committee isn’t for you, but taking charge of an activity/project you’ve wanted to try also works. This is the time. And by the way, would anyone want to provide punch this summer?

Dotty Whittier, Membership Ministries Chair

For more information about Membership Ministries, please send us an email