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Ministry Moments – Mission Trips

My friends and fellow congregants I have been asked to do a ministry moment for Mission Trips. The purpose of these trips is to bring relief to parts of the world where there is suffering and to show the world there is a God and he/she lives within each of us. It is also to show youth as well as young and old adults they are God’s own hands and feet and a miracle right here on earth. It is also that they matter not only to family and friends but to a wider community.

These trips are funded in part by Missions right out of the collection plate through your designating a portion of your annual pledge to Mission and from various fundraisers. It is this faith community right here that has sent folks to H.O.M.E in Maine 3 times and to Tarboro, NC to work with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild houses after a flood there. We have worked in the SERRV Warehouse and also went to help lobby in Washington with the UCC justice ministries. There was a trip to New York City with Youth Services Opportunity Project run by the Quakers to provide workers in a variety of soup kitchens from the Bronx to the Bowery to Manhattan to Queens. We have taken 4 trips over 3 years with youth and young adults to New Orleans rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. We sent a group to New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy and two trips to Joplin, MO to rebuild there after the devastating tornado that leveled that community. Last year we went to the Heifer Ranch in Arkansas.

We have never been alone in this effort; we have worked with UCC, Quakers, UUA, Disciples of Christ and the Mennonites. We have created bonds of friendship that transcend our small faith community and are helping create a world of service and caring that is so badly needed today.

- Jeff Langill

For more information about Mission Trips, please send us an email