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The Pastor Parish Relations Committee

2020 update: Given the ongoing COVID-19 virus restrictions, if you need to contact the PPRC for any questions about the committee or with specific issues, please send an email to PPRC@centre-church.org or contact any of the members directly. The current members of the committee are Sarah Crosbie, Gary Muise and Margaret Waugh. You can find the contact information for the members in the Centre Congregational Church People Book.

A Pastor Parish Relations Committee is a small group of church members who provide support for the pastor and offer a regular channel of communication between the pastor and the congregation.

There are two main reasons for a congregation to have a Pastor Parish Relations Committee (PPRC):

1.) The first reason for a congregation to have a PPRC is to serve as an advisory group - sharing ideas, hopes, expectations, and concerns of the congregation with the Pastor. This committee will take the lead in seeking to improve communication and cultivating an open, affirmative and creative relationship between the pastor and congregation.

If needs arise, the PPRC will serve as mediators to assist with negotiation and resolution.

PPRC is a confidential committee that requires a high degree of trust among members, the pastor, and congregation. The committee will meet regularly and will provide an annual report to the congregation.

2.) The second reason to have a PPRC is to provide focused, consistent support for the pastor. The PPRC is a way in which a congregation is intentional about providing support for its pastor and family.

The PPRC helps interpret functions, roles, and the needs of the pastor to the congregation. The committee will be responsible for encouraging the pastor to plan time for recreation, relaxation, family need, and solitude. The Committee shall conduct a formal performance review of the pastor and be an advocate for personnel policy, continuing education, and sabbatical leave.

For more information about the PPRC, please send us an email
To submit topics for discussion by the PPRC, please use our Submission Form